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We may have been holding back a bit

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Sometimes the bags are already out the door before we've had the chance to put them on the website, but we've been holding these back. ❤️

New Arrivals!

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New Arrivals! Our new Trendy and Artisan bags have arrived! They'll be uploaded in the next few days, so keep an eye on our website, or better yet, give our boutique a visit! ❤️

BONES Artisan - Ahura

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The Ahura was inspired by Native American designs. This model combines cobalt blue full grain #leather with #Persian hand woven kilim.

Last rays of sunshine! ☀

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Fall is well underway, but we still managed to soak up the final rays of sunshine! 

BONES Artisan - Daena

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The BONES Daena is one of the first bags we added to our Artisan collection. A combination of full grain leather and hand woven kilim. 

Fall 2017 - Get inspired! ❤

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Fall 2017 - Get inspired! ❤ 🍁

Looking for an excuse to update your #wardrobe?

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Looking for an excuse to update your #wardrobe? What better reason than #Fall! Special thanks to @Noesjmoments for the beautiful pictures. ❤